Karimi: there is no Iraqi sovereignty, does not concern in Turkish interference in Kurdistan

Politician Ali Karimi said that the interference of the Turkish state in Kurdish affairs does not matter much to Iraq, and noted that it is the policies of the Kurdistan Democratic Party that allowed Turkey to occupy the region.

Turkish state's attacks against the regions of south Kurdistan, the role of the Democratic Party in these attacks, as well as the silence of the governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan region.

Karimi stressed that the Turkish state would not have been able to enter alone into south Kurdistan without internal help from within the region, and added, "What Turkey is doing now, and its entry into south Kurdistan is not because of the PKK, so is the PKK present in Cyprus, Libya and in the rest of the countries that The Turkish state interfered in it, it interferes in all regions of Kurdistan, and seeks to restore the Ottoman Empire and realize its dream of annexing the province of Mosul, because Mosul is close to it, and in the provinces of Mosul, Hawler and Sulaymaniyah there is no strong administration that imposes government sovereignty, there is no control of the Iraqi government, for Iraq It is not important for Turkey to interfere in the affairs of the Kurds, and Iraq may be satisfied with the weakness of the Kurds, and the KDP leads Turkish army soldiers and helps them occupy strategic areas.

Karimi noted that the KDP supports and assists the Turkish state, and he said in this regard, "In the areas where the Turkish army is stationed, it has created many practical elements for it."

"They came to fight parents and children."

On the relationship of the Kurdistan Democratic Party with the Turkish state and the silence of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Ali Karimi said: "The government of south Kurdistan is harmful through its practices to the Kurdish people. For example, civilians in Kanieh Massi were targeted without any issuance by the Democratic Party of any position, it seems that they do not care. By killing civilian families, killing citizens, looting and stealing their money, it seems that they are not important matters for the government of south Kurdistan, everyone thinks about his personal and family interests, so how can such a government claim that it is the government of the people, mercenaries of the Turkish occupation state burn the property of the people, and the region’s government is silent, while The government of Iraq is not interested. Turkey did not come for the PKK, and in this way the PKK

"The forces stationed in Zakho are not combat forces."

The forces of the first brigade of the Iraqi government’s border guards were stationed in the mountains around the towns of Batova and Darkari of Zakho, and Karimi said that the forces stationed in the Zakho region, and raised the Iraqi flag, are not combat forces, but rather the border guards, and he also added: “It was agreed between the central government that the Baghdad government should take charge of protecting the borders, and this agreement is ink on paper. All that happened was that some of the forces of the Iraqi government, the border guard forces, were deployed in Zakho and Penguin. "

"If it can the Democratic Party will hand over south Kurdistan to the Turkish state."

Politician Ali Karimi said that the Democratic Party would have completely surrendered south Kurdistan to the Turkish state had it not been for the presence of the PKK, politicians and people of south Kurdistan, the resistance. He also said: “The PKK forces are fighting against the occupation and continue to resist. If the Democratic Party managed, it would work to hand over the rest of south Kurdistan for the Turkish occupation, but the educated circles, writers, politicians and most of all the people of Kurdistan resist, will not accept the Turkish occupation, the people of the region must reject the crimes of the occupied Turkish state in the region, the people of south Kurdistan have got rid of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship 30 years ago, they should not Another dictator working to bring the Turkish occupation to our regions is allowed. "



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