Karayilan: Damascus govt should not make mistakes

The member of the Executive Committee of the PKK, Murad Karayilan, called on the Damascus government not to be drawn into dirty Turkish policies, recalling the role of the Kurds in protecting the territorial integrity of Syria.

Karayilan speech came during a televised interview on Stêrk TV, in which he talked about the 24th anniversary of the international conspiracy and the ongoing meetings between Russia, the Turkish occupation state and the Damascus government.

In his answer to a question related to the trade-offs taking place in Syria, he said, "We are following this up. There are various schemes related to the Kurdistan liberation movement. Russia was also involved in the international conspiracy. It may not have been the main actor in it, but in any case it played a role. We hope that Russia will not be hostile to the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, but everyone is looking for their interests and this is a fact in today's politics, however what brought Syria to what it is today is Recep Tayyip Erdogan's policy, as he destroyed Syria and gathered around him all the mercenaries in Syria and sought to eliminate Kurdish politics when he said: “I will pray in Damascus,” which means that he is the enemy of the Syrian people.

'Kurdish politics did not stand against Syria'

Karayilan recalled the efforts of the Turkish occupation state to use the Kurds in its war on Syria, "In the beginning, the Democratic Union Party and the People's Protection Units also had relations with Turkey.

 The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Salih Muslim, visited Turkey several times, at that time there was a ceasefire between us and Turkey, where stage was described as a "solution", but it was not. The Justice and Development Party considered it as part of the private war, nevertheless there was a dialogue at that time, the Turkish state wanted the Kurds to fight Damascus as well.

They said clearly took control of Qamishlo, and we will give you everything. Then in Aleppo, strike the regime in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood so that Aleppo will fall, because they wanted Aleppo to fall and seize it and head to Damascus.”

Karayilan recalled the Kurdish position that contributed to the survival of Syria, "The Kurds did not accept this.

 Erdogan changed his policies towards the Kurds and Rojava, and this was one of the reasons, it is true; it may not be all the reasons, but it was one of them. Kurdish politics insisted on a certain approach, and it did not stand against Syria, and if it had done so, Syria would have fallen. Syria is turning today and resorting to Russia and Iran, since the years 2012 and 2013. If the Kurds stood with Turkey as it wanted, then Syria would have fallen. And if it did not fall Until today, this is the result of the policy pursued by the Kurds in Rojava and their establishment today of an autonomous administration in NE Syria.This policy led to the unification of the Kurds and the Arabs.This is how the pro-democracy Arabs defeated ISIS, otherwise ISIS would have controlled those areas.But they defeated it, this is the truth.”

He called on the Damascus government "not to make mistakes. Bashar al-Assad should not make mistakes. He should look at history. For example, how was Hafez al-Assad able to withstand all these attacks? He was able to do so with the support of the Kurds.

He continued, if Saddam Hussein had dealt with the Kurds and established relations with them, and made some changes, perhaps his end would not have been like this.

The Kurds are a well-established society here, and no one should make a mistake and target the base on which his existence is built. We We hope that the Damascus government will not strengthen Erdogan's strength.



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