​​​​​​​ Kafr Saghir massacre recalled in Qamishlo

 Afrin Social Association organized an event on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the Kafr Saghir massacre.  And demanded the international community to reduce the crimes of the Turkish occupation.

 On August 14, 2013, ISIS mercenaries committed a massacre against the people of the village of Kafr Saghir in al-Shahba canton, killing dozens of people.

 Dozens of members of the Afrin Social League gathered in front of their center in the western neighborhood of Qamishlo city, coinciding with the anniversary of the massacre.

 During the gathering, the statement issued by the association in this regard was read by the association's member, Hussein Naasan.

 The statement stated that the enemies of freedom and justice such as "ISIS, Liwa al-Tawhid, the Arab Spring, Azadi Brigade and Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi Brigade" committed brutal practices against the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region in the eyes of the international and local community, and the Syrian government.  These parties did not show any reaction to these massacres.

 The statement continued, "On behalf of the people of Kafr Saghir village, we condemn this brutal massacre. We call on the international community, led by the United Nations Security Council, human rights organizations and the Arab League to break their silence regarding the crimes and violations of the occupying Turkish state. And to take the necessary measures to return the refugees with an international guarantee to their homes."

 The event ended with chanting slogans that salute the resistance of the people and glorify the martyrs.



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