K. Star: Women's uprising, life, freedom won and will remain victorious

Kongra Star condemned the death sentences issued by the Iranian authorities against protesters, especially women. "The recent death sentence against pregnant women is a crime against humanity," it said.

The Kongra Star Council issued a statement regarding the death sentences issued and implemented by the Iranian authorities against the protesters, especially women, in which it appealed to "all the people in Iran and eastern Kurdistan and their friends in all parts of Kurdistan and around the world, to intensify their struggle and organize their activities."

The text of the statement read:

Fear of the will of women and society has become hysterical within the Iranian regime in Eastern Kurdistan.

The manifestations of oppression and killing did not stop for one day inside Iran against the people, especially the women and children among them. Whoever seeks liberation from the shackles of slavery that imposes ignorance and fear on the minds of citizens and incurs their opinions and rights, receives arrest to end up with an unknown fate, and if his fate is known, the penalty will be death.

Where the Iranian regime is considered one of the most fascist and terrorist regimes that has lost humanity, so that the death penalty by hanging becomes the lightest punishment in its oppressive and tyrannical law against citizens in all aspects of life.

Where these arbitrary practices that it practiced and are still practicing, reached their peak after the killing of the young woman, Gina Amini, by the morality police, under the pretext of not adhering to the strict rules of dress in their Islamic Republic, which restricts the freedom of women and shackles them without discrimination. The martyrdom of Gina Amini has become a symbol of resistance and a spark for the popular uprising in the face of the Mullahs’ regime, and thus sowed fear and panic among its ranks, which led to their efforts to put down this uprising, which derives its strength from the philosophy of women, life, and freedom. And not considering the demands of the protesters and demonstrators, on the contrary, the government resorted to using force to scare them and not allow them to liberate and not demand a just and democratic system far from extremism, by carrying out many violations that would increase repression and move away from political reform and adhere to its system based on injustice. Therefore, arrests increased among the ranks of the protesters, women, men, and children, along with the arrest of all those who supported the uprising or participated in it in any way. To receive later the death penalty without the ability to defend oneself through legal or humane civil means. Therefore, after the execution of four young protesters, there are still more than 100 people, including women, under threat of execution by hanging, out of more than 20,000 detained demonstrators.

T/ Satt.


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