Justice and Development Party rejects Assad's conditions to meet Erdogan

 A member of the central decision and implementation committee of the ruling Justice and Development Party considered that Assad's conditions for meeting Erdogan are not appropriate.

 A member of the Central Decision and Implementation Authority of the ruling "Justice and Development" Party, Orhan Miri Oglu, confirmed to a Russian agency today that "Damascus' conditions regarding negotiations between the two presidents, Syrian Bashar al-Assad and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, are not suitable for normalizing relations between the two countries," pointing to "the possibility of  a meeting will be held between them after the Turkish presidential and parliamentary elections, scheduled for May 14.

 He pointed out that "there is talk about a meeting between the Turkish President, Erdogan, and his Syrian counterpart, Assad, and this talk is still in the rehabilitation phase, and in order for this meeting to take place, the two parties must use expressions that express their intention of reconciliation and rapprochement."

 He added, "The possibility of a meeting between Erdogan and Assad before the Turkish elections is very low. As for their meeting after the elections, it will become clear according to the results of the elections and their balances."

And he continued: "The conditions after the elections may be evaluated according to their results. If the People's Alliance and its candidate for the presidential elections, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, win, he will follow a foreign policy different from that of the current AKP government, as the People's Alliance pledges to withdraw from all countries that Turkey aspires to strengthen relations with her and considers her a partner.”

 He explained that "the communication between Damascus and Ankara, and the meeting with al-Assad, will be shaped according to a new political equation that results in the elections, and we can talk about that in the new political circumstances."

 Al-Assad had indicated, in an interview with a Russian agency, that "with regard to the meeting with President Erdogan, this is related to reaching a stage in which Turkey is clearly and without any ambiguity ready to completely exit Syrian territory, stop supporting terrorism, and restore the situation to what it was before the start of the war."  The war in Syria, this is the only case in which there can be a meeting between me and Erdogan, apart from that, what is the value of this meeting and why are we doing it if it will not achieve final results regarding the war in Syria?



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