Jurists, intellectuals: Ocalan's isolation is violation of international conventions

The human rights activists and intellectuals of Afrin pointed out that the isolation of the leader Ocalan is contrary to the principles of human rights and a violation of international conventions, stressing that the issue of leader Ocalan is a global and humanitarian issue, through which the Turkish state seeks to obscure the march of struggle of thousands of years old.

This came in an interview conducted by our agency ANHA with the jurists and the Afrin's intellectuals.

Lawyer Gabriel Mustafa said that the isolation of Ocalan leader had no legal law and was contrary to human rights principles.

He added that Ocalan represents the peoples who demand freedom, justice and the peoples' fraternity.

Gabriel Mustafa called on international and human rights organizations to intervene and said that the Turkish state violates international conventions.

Therefore, the Kurdish people and in order to liberate the leader continue to escalate their struggle.

Lawyer Mohammed Saeed said that the recent events that have taken place throughout the Middle East proved that the only solution to the crisis lies in solving the Kurdish issue, based on releasing of the leader Abdullah Ocalan. He noted that the leader's latest message has an important purpose for the Middle East.

At the end of his speech, Mohamed Saeed called on humanitarian organizations to do their duty and find peaceful solutions.

The Turkish state has imposed strict isolation on the leader of the Kurdish people since April 5, 2015

The world must know that the issue of isolation of leader Ocalan is a global and humanitarian issue through which the Turkish state seeks to obscure the cause and struggle of thousands of years," said Osama Ahmed, co-chair of the Union of Intellectuals.

On allowing the leader to meet his lawyers and family after years, Ahmed pointed out that it was "a political fabrication" to invest in a particular event rather than a positive initiative to bring peace, and this investment failed under the Turkish scandals through its crimes against the peoples.

Osama Ahmed stressed that the AKP is in the process of economic collapse and the relations with countries, adding that if Turkey wants to bring peace to the region, it must stop these political fabrications.



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