Jurists demand to uncover leader, Abdullah Ocalan's health status

Jurists of Afrin region issued a statement to the world public, to reveal the health of the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, after a fire broke out on the island of Emrali

 Dozens of jurists gathered at the Center of the Social Justice in the village of Tel Soussin in Al-Shehaba Canton. The statement was read by Ibrahim Shekho,  a jurist ,which read:

"There were reports of a fire on the island of Emrali, where Abdullah Ocalan has been held for more than 20 years.

In this regard, the Office of the Legal Age, especially assigned to defend the leader, Abdullah Ocalan issued a statement on social media:

On February 27, 2020, the Turkish Interior Minister announced during a live television broadcast siad that a fire broke out on the island of Emrali, and as it is known, the island was designed to be a prison for one person, their client, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, since 1999. Later, in 2015 their clients were transferred to Omar Khairi K, Hamily yıldırım and Wasi al-Hanash to the island of Emrali.

They are being held in a closed island and in a restricted military zone. It is clear that this fire will directly affect Mr. Ocalan and the rest of the clients, according to the statement, given the current situation of the island, which poses a danger and an urgent threat. As stated in the statement after the family visit on 12/23/2019, efforts to communicate between the Law Age Office and their clients in Emrali were obstructed. They said that they had no information regarding the health and safety of their clients. they requested that they and the family of the clients be allowed to visit the prison, which is a legitimate legal right. Referring to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1966, the severe isolation imposed on Ocalan is a violation of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Articles 15 6-7 and so on.

There is no doubt that some good voices in Turkey and in some Arab countries strongly demand a fair civil trial for Ocalan and that all the requirements of the law  to be provided to the simplest defendants, the Turkish authority remove the situation of tension and hatred swollen against the Kurdish people, and resort to humanitarian solutions that would serve Turkey's humanitarian future, but the international position on the case of Mr. Abdullah Ocalan remains a mystery controlled by global Zionism and the United States of America. It is sad to say that the international community has not yet lived up to the level at which it can put an end to the crimes against the Kurdish people in Turkey. What is missing from the mind of the Turkish leadership when it believes that the issue of the people in Bakor Kurdistan is linked with the personality of the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, and increases its isolation and pressure psychologically and materially; He was forbidden of the most basic rights.

Mr. Ocalan's case remains a wound in the conscience of those interested in human rights issues and the silence about his stay in detention constitutes a crime and a violation of the Turkish Laws and Constitution itself, and torture and humiliation of human beings in this way makes the Turkish leaders accused of crimes against human rights.

We, Afrin and Al Shahba jurists, condemn the severe isolation imposed on Mr. Ocalan and Emrali fire, and appeal to the free conscience and civil and human rights organizations, led by the United Nations and human rights organizations, to fulfil their moral duty before humanity and to press the Turkish government to allow lawyers and relatives of detainees to meet with them to check on their health and safety, especially the life of Mr. Ocalan before it is too late."

Shame on the dictators

Freedom for the prisoners and the leader Ocalan

Long life Rojava Revolution .



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