Jurist: silence of Syrian Regime, world support to Turkish crimes

The jurist Abedo Sido considered the silence of the Syrian regime and the international community over the Turkish violations and crimes in Afrin "as support to these violations" calling them to send committees to document the facts and the crimes.

The Turkish occupation army in the recent months began building the occupation wall in the occupied Afrin which reached to more than 3 Km and its high of 3 m from the Meryemîn village of Shera district till Berad village of Sherawa District along with committing the crimes, looting and kidnapping against the indigenous people of Afrin people.

In this regard the jurist Abedo Sido told ANHA agency and condemning the violations of the Turkish occupation for all the international charts and said" the practices of the Turkish occupation army from Jrablos till Afrin canton is violation to all the international charts.

He added that this occupation in north west of Syria is an attempt to annex the lands of Afrin to the Turkish occupation state to repeat the Iskenderun area experience.

He noted in the same context that Turkey is seeking to change the demographic of Afrin canton to end the Kurdish presence in Afrin.

Over the occupation wall around Afrin he said that the occupation is building this wall in front the eyes of every world although this wall according to international laws is flagrant violation.  

As for the silence of the Syrian regime and the international organizations he said this silence is great support to these crimes against the civilians and the Syrian lands and they are attempt to take part of the Syrian cake as the superpowers did in Syria.

He added that the Turkish occupation is trying to revive the glory of the Osman empire by annexing the lands of Syria to the Turkish lands.

Abedo Sido concluded by saying, "we, as jurists we call on the judicial and  international organizations to send their missions to see and document these practices of the Turkish occupation in Afrin." 



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