Jurist: international plot aimed to break will of Kurds

The jurist Ibrahim Sheikho said that the plot against the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, was aimed primarily at breaking the will of the Kurdish people, and stressed that the occupation of Afrin is part of the plot.

With the approach of the 21st anniversary of the international plot against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, lawyer and the jurist Ibrahim Sheikho talked about the conspiracy that the states have woven against the Kurdish people.

He noted that in 1998, Turkey and the Syrian regime signed the Adana Security Agreement to remove the leader from Syria and arrest him on February 15, 1999.

Sheikho stressed that the aim of the plot is to break the will of the Kurdish people and force the Kurds to give up their legitimate rights and demands, believing that the arrest of the leader will be the end of the Kurdish revolution, pointing out that they did not realize that the Kurdish people did not surrender to that plot.

Sheikho asserted that the international community and human rights organizations remained silent during the international conspiracy against the Kurdish leader and people. He said that the conspiracies targeting the Kurdish people are still ongoing and the occupation of Afrin is part of it.

Sheikho pointed to the international silence in front of what is happening today in Afrin of killings, kidnapping, rape, looting and destruction of nature, and said that this silence increases the practices of the Turkish occupation against the Kurds.

Sheikho condemned the plot against the leader and called on all human rights organizations to intervene to lift the isolation from Ocalan and ensure that he gets his legitimate rights because he has a democratic project that saves the people of the region from slavery.


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