Juan Guido: We to renew our relations with Israel , open our embassy in Jerusalem

Venezuelan President Juan Guido, who has announced himself as president, has announced the start of a relationship with Israel, saying it is an important and necessary step.


"I am pleased to announce that the process of establishing relations with Israel is underway and that this is very important for us and our strategic choice," Guido said in an interview with" Israel Today " newspaper.

He added "First we will renew the relationship and then we will announce the appointment of an ambassador in Israel to be the embassy in Jerusalem, and we very much hope that an ambassador from Israel will come to us."

Venezuela ended it relation with Israel during the 2008-2009 after Israeli war on Gaza, declaring it in a statement on state television "The Venezuelan Republic, in keeping with its vision of a peaceful world, solidarity and respect for international law, has decided to sever its diplomatic relations with Israel, the extent of the inhuman persecution of the Palestinian people by the Israeli authorities, in order to liquidate its existence. "



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