​​​​​​​Joseph Lahdo: Closing border crossings part of economic war

​​​​​​​Deputy Co-chairmanship of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Joseph Lahdo, said that the continuation to close the border crossings is to starve people, calling the on the international community and the Security Council to press for the re-opening of those crossings.

The international mandate for the use of the Bab al-Hawa border crossing to deliver humanitarian assistance to Syria ends next July, after Russia and China used their veto power last year in the Security Council to reduce the number of humanitarian crossings to one, the Bab al-Hawa crossing is under the control of the Turkish State and its pro - mercenaries.

A number of countries member to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS are seeking to pressure the international community to allow the use of additional crossings, including Al-Yaarubiyah (Til Koçer) on the border between north and east Syria and Iraq.

Deputy Co- chairmanship of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Joseph Lahdo, said that the crossings are main sources to enter the aids for each country or geographical region, if any crossing is closed, severe besiege will be imposed, I wonder, what would happen if these crossings were closed in particular area, as they did in areas under AANES, in which all the crossings were closed by Turkish State and Russia."

Lahdo noted that the people of this areas sacrificed themselves to repel ISIS, which is considered the world's largest terrorist faction in the world, is today rewarded in this way, that is, by starving the people who have struggled to free this region from ISIS."

He pointed out that regional and neighboring countries were trying to weaken AANES through economic war and water warfare, as the Turkish State was currently doing by blocking the water of the Euphrates River and cutting off drinking water from Hasaka.

Adding:" Closure of border crossings is an economic and humanitarian blockade against the region. From these crossings, all medical supplies and medicines pass through, especially after the emergence of COVID 19 and the increased need for additional medicines and vaccines for this virus, in addition to foodstuffs."

Joseph expressed the hope that the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS as well as the efforts of UN, would succeed in opening additional crossings to cross humanitarian aid, "particularly the Al-Yaarubiyah (Til Koçer) border crossing, which is vital to north and east Syria at all arenas''.

He said," All hopes are pinned on the conferences and meetings held by international community and Western countries in order to open crossings in all Syrian regions, this grants us the hope that the international community will be able to put pressure on the parties that close these crossings."


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