​​​​​​​Jordanian human rights comment on UN report on Syria

Human rights activists and civil society organizations in Jordan considered the violations of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries as the so-called "Syrian National Army", war crimes, in response to the absence of Turkish violations in NE, Syria from a United Nations report.

And the United Nations published on its official website last Thursday, January 16th, a report on the situation in Syria, in which it touched upon violations against Syrian children, under the title "UN report: Syrian children deprived of their childhood, and ongoing crimes committed by the government and armed groups", without touching to the violations committed by Turkey in its attacks targeting children in NE, Syria.

And about the absence of Turkish violations and their mercenaries against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria from the United Nations report, and the violations that the region is witnessing, Jordanian human rights activist Amal Kurdi, a human rights specialist, and civil society organizations, said in a special statement to Hawar news agency ANHA: "The scenes we saw it from NE, Syria for children who have been killed in massacres, very painful, and these violations and bombings by armed groups linked to Turkey to the regions of NE, Syria, targeting civilians, lack of respect for international laws, and human rights treaties, constitute war crimes.

Amal al-Kurdi noted that Turkey committed these violations, saying: "The last of these violations was the massacre committed in the city of Tal Rifaat by Turkey and its armed groups against unarmed civilians, especially children.

 It comes in the context of a systematic plan to get indigenous population out their homes and implement Turkish plans in the region. "

 Amal al-Kurdi called on the United Nations to act and work effectively to reduce these violations. "The United Nations and human rights organizations must move quickly and work more for the children of NE, Syria, regarding these plans and violations committed against the people of the region, especially children."

She indicated that jurists and civil society organizations all over the world are concerned about the developments in the situation in Syria, regarding the fate of children, both inside and outside it, and on the United Nations, civil society organizations and all countries to take action to save innocent people. And to make Syria safe from wars.



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