​​​​​​​Joint Russian-Turkish patrol in Ad-Derbasiyah, Amuda villages

​​​​​​​Today, a joint patrol between the Russian police and the Turkish occupation army is conducted in the villages of west and east Ad-Derbasiyah and the villages of Amuda.

The patrol started, this morning, from the village of Sherkeh, west of Ad-Derbasiyah district, 13 km on the Syrian-Turkish border, with the participation of 4 armored vehicles from both sides and two Russian helicopters.

The joint Russian-Turkish patrol passed from the village of Berkfari - Cyberke - Tel Kemper - Kurbetli village and headed to the village of Tal Karma - Omarzo Bash, east of Ad-Derbasiyah, towards the village of Khasky, Mudawarah, Khashifiya, and Jawhariya, to the west of Amuda district.

After this tour, the patrol returned to its point of departure in the village of Sherkeh, west of the district of Ad-Derbasiyah, and Turkish armored vehicles returned to their lands.



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