​​​​​​​Joint Russian-Turkish patrol east of Kobani

The Russian military police began a joint patrol with forces of the Turkish occupation army east of the city of Kobani in implementation of the Sochi understandings reached by the presidents of Turkey and Russia in October 2019.

The patrol was launched moments ago from Gharib village, east of the city of Kobani, on the Syrian-Turkish border, with the participation of 4 armored vehicles from each side.

The patrol is scheduled to roam the villages of Ain Bat, Geshan, Solan, Qereço, Bakdak to reach the village of Sarzuri in the eastern countryside of the city of Kobani located near the Turkish-Syrian border, then return to end in the village of Gharib, from which the patrol started, where the Turkish armored vehicles return to its territory.

The conduct of joint patrols between Russia and Turkey in northern Syria in the areas of the Autonomous Administration is in implementation of the understandings reached by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi on November 22, 2019.



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