Joint patrol of US forces, Serêkaniyê Military Council

A joint patrol involving the Serêkaniyê Military Council and the US forces began today on the border strip adjacent to the Serêkaniyê area.

According to ANHA correspondent who accompanied the joint patrol that came out today on the border strip at the city of Serêkaniyê, included four US armored vehicles and three vehicles of the Serêkaniyê Military Council.

The joint patrol came out of the International Coalition Base in the village of Tel- Arqam in the town of Tel- Halaf. They headed for the hill village of Abu Jarada, west of the town of Serêkaniye, and then headed to the border.

ANHA correspondent pointed out that after the completion of the village Mukhlth located west of the city of Serêkaniyê patrol headed towards the village of Khirbet al-Banat, Tel- Kanzeer and Mabrouka.

This comes after the implementation of the border security agreement and the withdrawal (YPG, YPJ) and SDF forces and weapons from the border, as agreed between the US and Turkey and SDF.



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