Joint patrol of Russian police, occupation forces patrolled Darbasiyyah villages

The joint patrol between the Russian military police and the Turkish occupation toured the villages east and west of the district of Darbasiyyah.

This morning, a joint patrol between the Russian police and the Turkish occupation army started in the framework of the understandings that took place after the occupation of Serekaniye and Gire Spi / Tel Abyad, between America and the Turkish occupation on the one hand, and the occupation and Russia on the other.

The patrol included villages in the eastern and western countryside of the district, with the participation of 4 armored vehicles from both sides and accompanied by two Russian helicopters.

The patrol toured the following villages "Torat, Abbash, Baraka, Taalak, Karkand and Berkfari", to return to the village of Sherkah as the starting point, and ends with the return of the Turkish occupation armor to its points and Russian armored vehicles towards the city of Qamishlo.

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