Joint Governance approves Decree Law on Companies in DAA

The Joint Governance of al-Jazeera region ratified Decree No. 5 of 2019. Which include the Companies Law in Democratic Autonomous Administration.

The joint governors of al-Jazeera, Hemidi Deham Al-Hadi and Hemidi Deham, signed Decree No. 5 of 2019. The law includes companies in Democratic Autonomous Administration.

According to the text of the decree:

"Based on the provisions of the social contract and the adoption of the Legislative Council in its session No. 5 / dated 30/6/2019

The Joint Governance of al-Jazeera region issued Decree No. 5 of 2019 containing the Companies Law in DAA.

Where the decree was signed by the joint governors Sheikh Hemidi Deham Al Hadi and Ms. Haifa Abdulhale Al Arabo. The decree shall be effective from the date of its publication in the Official Newspaper.



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