​​​​​​​Joe Biden vows to recognize Armenian genocide

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has pledged to officially recognize the Armenian genocide of 1915 if he manages to win the White House.

In a move that most of the former presidents avoided, the American presidential candidate, Joe Biden, wrote a statement on his website published by the American newspaper "the hill" in which he said: "If we do not teach our children in general, and remind them of the word genocide ... then the words lose their meaning again, they must be The facts are clear and powerful for future generations as they are for those whose memories are burned by tragedy.

"If I am elected, I pledge to support a resolution that recognizes the Armenian genocide, and I will make human rights a top priority for my administration," Biden said.

Both the House and Senate passed a resolution last year describing the killings in 1915 as genocide, but the Trump administration distanced itself from the bill, although Trump described the extermination as "one of the worst mass atrocities in the twentieth century."

While Turkey refuses to use the term "genocide," the Turkish presidential spokesman warned on December 13 last year, that any such recognition "would jeopardize the future of Turkish-American bilateral relations."

As for former President Barack Obama, he never mentioned atrocities as genocide, despite his pledge to do so in the election campaign.

The previous administrations were reluctant to describe the massacre as genocide for fear of damaging relations with Turkey, NATO's ally and its partner in the Middle East.

Thirty countries recognize the Armenian genocide, and it is estimated that between 1.2 and 1.5 million Armenians were killed during World War I by the forces of the Ottoman Sultanate who were then allied with Germany, Austria and Hungary.



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