JIN News: Turkey killed 31 women during a month

JIN News agency revealed the toll of murders and violence against women in Turkey, as it reported that 31 women were killed during November of this year.

Crimes of killing women are increasing in Turkey, as they are subjected to killing and violence in the neighborhoods, within the homes, and in the workplace.

According to the statistics obtained by JINNEWS agency, 31 women were killed by their husbands at home and at work, while 13 others lost their lives in mysterious circumstances.

The cities in which these women were killed are (6 in Istanbul, 3 in Izmir, 2 in Hatay, 2 in Antalya, 2 in Manisa, 2 in Denizli, one in Amed, Bursa, Kayseri, Ankara, Mugla, Usak, Diluk, Konya, Samsur, Izrum, Ile, Adana, Kocaeli, and Bolu).

According to the same statistics, at least 5 children were killed, while 4 others lost their lives in mysterious circumstances.



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