Jia Kurd: We reject any attempts that endanger Syrian sovereignty

The Autonomous Administration Advisor to the north and east of Syria, Bedran Jia Kurd said,"We will not accept safe areas that turn into areas of chaos, cause demographic change, and pose a threat to the sovereignty of Syrian territory and we are fully prepared to develop the talks internally and externally, and are open to dialogue with the various parties. ''

Jia Kurd's remarks came during his participation in the dialogue forum of the elders in North and East of Syria, held today in Qamishlo. In particular, he touched on the discussions between the Autonomous  Administration of the north and east of Syria and the SDF on the one hand and the Turkish side on the other, and the views that emerged after the start of those talks by the Global Coalition led by the United States of America.

In a speech during the forum, Bedran Jia Kurd touched on the goals of the Turkish state in Syria, especially in northern and eastern Syria, he said in this context, "Turkey's aim of the ongoing threats to the north and east of Syria comes from its fear of the development of the model of north and east of Syria, which will threaten its dictatorship, and will provide democracy and diversity and to draw the attention of its Turkish society abroad, because the nature of its policy is based primarily on racism and denial of others.

He said that the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria rejects any attempts to undermine Syrian sovereignty and revive the chaos.

He added, "We accept the safe area on the basis of forming a safe strip that protects the areas of northern and eastern Syria, and to preserve the civil councils and their administrations in northern and eastern Syria, and to be under international supervision with the participation of the components of northern and eastern Syria, and to preserve the Syrian territory from terrorism, and the chaos."

Jia confirmed in his speech that the project of the Autonomous Administration is the best political democratic solution to the Syrian crisis adding, "We are ready for dialogue with all political parties internally and externally to reach a political solution that satisfies all the Syrian parties, and the forces intervening in the Syrian crisis, internally, if there are real guarantees that guarantee the rights of the peoples of the region, we are ready to sit at the dialogue table , in the absence of those guarantees, we will not engage in any dialogue with the Syrian regime or others."

Jia Kurd concluded by saying, "We look forward to a good reading of the political scene by the Syrian political parties. We want to have a correct reading of the political scene and the reality of the region, we hope that all talks with all parties will reach a formula that will reduce Syrian bleeding and end external threats on Syrian territory."



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