​​​​​​​Jeffrey warns of disaster if crossings of NE Syria not opened

The American special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, stressed the necessity of renewing Resolution  2504, regarding the opening of the crossings in northeastern Syria.

Jeffrey said in a press conference via phone, that the delegations participating in the Brussels Conference for Humanitarian Aid to Syria, stressed the necessity of renewing the aforementioned resolution, warning of a humanitarian catastrophe in the event that this does not happen.

He also pointed out that a number of participants in the conference, including America, expressed their support for the invitation of the UN envoy to Syria other than Pederson; For the cease-fire in accordance with resolution 2254.

Jeffrey explained that Washington does not see the Astana group as a catalyst for achieving peace in Syria, pointing to the failure of the cease-fire agreements, which the group held to prevent government forces from controlling new areas.

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