Jeffrey: Foreign forces, including America, must pull out from Syria

US Special envoy, James Jeffery has stressed that all the foreign forces that entered the Syrian lands after erupting the war in Syria 2011, must be removed, including US, Iranian, Turkish forces, alluding that the full pull out from north and east of Syria not is not on the agenda now.

newspaper that his country supports "in every way possible", diplomatically and logistically, Israeli raids on Iranian sites in Syria, pointing out that all foreign forces that did not exist before 2011 should be exited.

He explained that "our policy revolves around the departure of Iranian forces from all Syrian territories, along with all other foreign military forces that entered the country in the aftermath of 2011, and this includes our forces, the Israeli forces, and the Turkish forces as well."

The impossibility of removing al-Assad president from Iran

Jeffrey added that believing that engaging with Damascus is taking him away from Tehran is "a crazy idea." First of all, Iran has very established footholds in the Syrian state and within Syrian society, "noting that many Arab countries" will never be in agreement with a man like (President Bashar al-Assad), who can claim that they can distance him from the Iranian orbit, but I see that this is absolutely not possible. "

Continuous sanctions

 The American envoy confirmed that his country will continue to impose sanctions on Damascus, and "we support the entry into force of sanctions on the Syrian regime until its acceptance of a political solution," explaining that "economic sanctions make the situation worse for the circle of people very close to the head of the regime, and this is what we are always trying to reach and we want to make it clear to those personalities that there is no clear future for them if they continue to support al-Assad, and they are encouraged to exert pressure for the political transition. "

Tahrir al-Sham's mercenaries are a threat to everyone

On the situation in Idlib, Jeffrey said that the mercenaries of Tahrir al-Sham threaten everyone, not just Russian forces, and he saw that the ceasefire agreement is in place, and there is no justification for the government forces to launch an attack on Idlib.

The presence of the coalition continues until eradicating ISIS in full 

As for the situation in north and east Syria, Jeffrey said that Russia has military police forces there, and they are patrolling the area, but there are no large Russian forces on the ground, and there is no so-called Russian occupation, except for some few military bases in Qamishlo and the city of Deir-ez-Zor they have no real presence on the ground there. Rather, the forces deployed on the ground are the "Syrian Democratic Forces", and they are our allies against the "terrorist" mercenaries.

On the US withdrawal from north and east Syria, Jeffrey explained, "Our presence will continue there until completing our military mission in defeating ISIS in full.

He explained that "complete withdrawal is not on our agenda at present, because we have not yet witnessed the permanent defeat of ISIS."

On Russian reports criticizing the Syrian government, Jeffrey said, "We believe that Russia is well aware of what is going on in Syria, and we believe that Russia is also aware of what kind of allies are loyal to it in Syria at the present time, so those things speak for themselves."

Elections without UN supervision will not gain international acceptance

As for talking about presidential elections in Syria, the US envoy said, "We believe that the elections are one of the right things, and if Assad holds the presidential elections this year or next year, he will not have any international credibility mentioned, and will be met with total refusal by the international community, and from As for the international community, redoubling its efforts to conduct the elections supervised by the United Nations, and this is the only way forward on this path, and this is supported by the government of the United States of America. The policy that we follow is fixed and will not change, and I look forward to working with various parties. Actors in the Middle East region to call for an end to the violence and fighting inside Syria. "



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