Jarrar on Turkish attack: Army, economy's Turkish is weak to engage this war

 Political analyst Bashar Jarrar said that Erdogan's attack would be a parade like walking on a tight rope as Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin allowed, and pointed out that Erdogan knows that his army and economy will not be able to open the gates of hell on Turkey.

Analysis continues about the Turkish threats to launch attacks on northern and eastern Syria, and the extent of Turkey's ability to wage a major battle in this context talked to (ANHA) agency from Washington political analyst Bashar Jarrar.

Jarrar began his speech by saying, "Despite the storm that accompanied Trump's recent decision on the Turkish operation across the border with Syria, things became clear in less than twenty-four hours as follows: First, not a US withdrawal from Syria, but the evacuation of two sites and redeployment in other areas within Secondly, and most importantly, the evacuation was preceded by a dictation that US President Donald Trump did not shy away from publicly disclosing to the public after his phone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he would destroy the Turkish economy if the Turkish operation went beyond its borders.

"The American promise speaks openly about two issues: first, not allowing Erdogan to touch the region's most reliable ally in fighting ISIS and terrorists in general, and secondly, not allowing Ankara to carry out its expansionist plans in the Syrian neighborhood under the mask of combating Kurdish terrorism, the obsessive-compulsive disorder in Erdogan's head", Who deals with the Turks far away of the Turkish homeland from the secularism and pluralism wanted by Kemal Ataturk, who still Erdogan claims commitment to the elements of modern Turkey, despite his illusions that it can be combined with ugly face known by the nations of Orient Not to mention the European Neighborhood, from Cyprus, Greece and even Austria to Germany, which threatened to open illegal immigration gates just as it opened the doors of its southern borders to terrorists and mercenaries of the world.

The political analyst explained, "I am writing these lines and I follow a number of satellite channels broadcast live images of the Turkish-Syrian border, I say without hesitation that what we are about as a public is no longer Erdogan movements and his statements since his thunder and froth during the Gaza war and the Arab Spring, the Sultan of Ankara On the phenomenon of Arabs who have caused disasters of generations and homelands since the beginning of the last century. "

Bashar Jarrar tried to extrapolate the future of events, saying, "Erdogan's operation will be a border parade, such as walking on a tight rope, as allowed by Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, he is unable to challenge either of them, and he also knows that Kurdish leaders are not plagued by vocal phenomena and that when they threaten Turkey with an open war in the event of an attack, he knows for sure that his army and economy will not be able to open the gates of hell on Turkey. "



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