Janders massacre dropped the last mulberry leaf-LAZKIN IBRAHIM

Although the violations and crimes did not stop against the Kurds and their sanctities, property and heritage in the city of Afrin 5 years ago, the Janders massacre is considered the hair that broke the camel's back, which dropped the last mulberry leaf and revealed all the participants with the Turkish occupation, and revealed that racist mentality And its hidden hatred towards the Kurdish people, and at the same time expose the role of the Kurdish parties that adhere to their affiliation with the Syrian Coalition, the political wing of all mercenaries in Afrin.

All of this leads us to ask a question: How did the Afrin massacre expose the reality of all those parties? In order to answer this question, we will put all those participating in the occupation of Afrin or supporting this occupation before their responsibilities in the occurrence of this massacre that took place on the eve of Newroz 2023 against 4 Kurdish citizens from one family.

Afrin has become the most dangerous spot for the Kurds!

The Janders massacre clearly revealed that it is impossible for the Kurds in Afrin to coexist under the umbrella of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. Because the main reason is that all those whom Turkey brought into Afrin are among the fiercest enemies of the Kurds, and those who have been saturated with hatred and racism towards the Kurds for decades, and most of them are involved in committing previous massacres against the Kurds, and they can be classified as follows:

1- The Gray Wolves Organization: It is a racist Turkish nationalist organization. This organization is considered the secret military wing of the Nationalist Movement Party based on hostility to other nationalities such as the Kurds, Greeks, Armenians, and other religious groups such as Christians and Jews, and opposition to the Kurdish cause by various means. This organization is responsible for committing many massacres. For the sake of the Kurds.

2- Ex-Baathists: They are followers of the Baathist regime who defected from the regime and joined the so-called opposition, but they still maintain the racist mentality towards the Kurdish people that the Baath implanted in their minds.

3- ISIS: They are the elements and leaders of ISIS who fled when they were defeated by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Global Coalition and took refuge in the areas occupied by Turkey and joined the so-called "National Army". These consider the Kurds to be infidels and atheists, and they must be killed.

In conclusion, the common denominator between all those parties that Turkey gathered in Afrin under its banner is the strong hostility to the Kurds, and that those who committed the Janders massacre were saturated with the mentality of all those parties. So they killed the Kurds in cold blood, and this means that today Afrin is considered the most dangerous spot for the Kurds, and the Kurds cannot be protected from massacres in the presence of one of those parties in Afrin.

The massacre exposed the so-called "Kurdish National Council and Coalition"

We may not be exaggerating if we say that the "Opposition Coalition" and all the parties that move under its umbrella bear responsibility for this massacre, for two main reasons:

Because it represents the political umbrella for all the mercenaries of the "National Army" occupying Afrin, which supported the Turkish occupation of Afrin, legitimized the occupation, and deceived the Kurdish people who stayed in Afrin and were killed by the mercenaries.

Turning blind an eye of the horrible crimes of its leaders in Afrin, and even claiming that the crimes are "individual transgressions", in addition to their calls for the people of Afrin through leaders of the so-called "Kurdish National Council" to return to it, claiming that the situation there is safe for the Kurds.

On the other hand, after more than a decade has passed since the partnership of the so-called "Kurdish National Council" for the so-called "Syrian opposition", under the pretext that the coalition is an Arab and Western legally recognized entity and their argument is that they remain within the coalition to obtain the rights of the Kurds through political and legitimate means, that argument is no longer Convincing at the present time, because Turkey, the main supporter of this coalition, has returned to normalizing relations with Damascus and abandoned the idea of overthrowing the regime, changing the government in Syria and bringing its mercenaries to power? In addition, there is no longer any legitimacy for the so-called "opposition and coalition" among the Arab countries, which also began to open up to Damascus, and began to restore diplomatic relations in preparation for restoring Damascus to its seat in the Arab League.

So what is the point of ENKS continuing to stick to this coalition? What rights can the Kurds hope for from a coalition that lacks will and legitimacy and no longer even guarantees its survival!

T/ Satt.