Jafar: We do not want safe zone under Turkish auspices

The politician Omer Jafar rejected that Turkey would have a role in the safe zone because it posed a danger on all the components. Jafar confirmed that Turkey tried with all sorts of means to exterminate this administration and the components of the region.

 The popular and political circles in the north and east of Syria refuse the establishment of a safe zone under Turkish auspices in the region. There is a consensus that Turkey aims through the safe zone project to occupy northern Syria and thwart the Autonomous Administration project.

The member of the Political Bureau of the Progressive Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria Omer Jafar spoke to our agency on the subject, and stressed that the Turkish statements about securing its borders were devoid of truth.

Jafar said, "The Turkish occupation's goal of the safe area is to eliminate the Kurds under a legitimate umbrella under the pretext of protecting the borders." He added, "Turkey considers the Autonomous and Local Administrations in the region a threat to its security, so it tries by various means to eradicate this administration and the components of the area."

The safe zone under the Turkish auspices is a threat to all the region's components

The Kurdish politician refuted the Turkish allegations about the exposure of its borders to dander, and stressed that Turkey was a danger to the people of the region. He said, "The borders of the Turkish state are secure, and they pose a danger to us and to the region in the contrary of what was stated by Turkish officials," adding, "The Kurdish people did not pose any danger to the peoples of the area, and the Turkish statements about securing its borders are baseless because the Turkish occupation and

 through the statements of Erdogan about the invasion of the region and bombing it openly and clearly aimed at eliminating the Kurdish people."

Jafar added, "Russia and the United States of America are fully aware that Turkey's goal of the safe zone is to invade the Kurdish areas and exterminate the Kurdish people." He also stressed that Turkey's role diminished the international and regional arena.

Turkey's plan and object of the safe zone is to remove the Kurdish people's gains and rights



Jafar continued, "What is happening in Idlib is a Turkish scheme aims at supporting the mercenary gangs and its agreement with Russia to play on the two ropes. Turkey's goal of these plans is to show the public opinion that we are terrorist groups linked to global terrorism in order to secure its borders and establish a safe zone in this regard,  knowing that the Kurdish people thanks to their children exterminated terrorism, which was a threat to the world and humanity as a whole."

Jafar noted that "Turkey's argument from the safe area to enter the areas of northern and eastern Syria under several names to protect its borders according to their media statements these pretexts are trying to create a safe area to eliminate the gains of our people and rights, so Turkey should not have any role in the safe area because it poses a danger to All components, because the Turkish role was sabotage and not protection."

Jafar noted, "The European countries, Russia and America are aware of the Turkish scheme in the region, as it has no aim of the safe zone, but to eradicate our successful experience."

Jafar added, "The safe zone in Idlib was the reason for destroying and vandalizing the region through supporting the mercenary gangs and financing them with weapons, and this will happen if a safe zone is established in our region under Turkish auspices."

Omer called for the Kurdish people and the political parties to get closer, unite the ranks, end the party disagreements, form a joint committee and a Kurdish reference, in addition to delivering the Kurdish people's voice to the international venues."


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