​​​​​​​Italy rejects Turkey's agreements with al-Sarraj describes it as absurd

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced his country's rejection of the agreements signed between Turkey and the Libyan government of al-Sarraj, and stressed that they are absurd agreements from the international side and have no tangible effect.

Conte said during the press conference after the European Council in Brussels on Friday that "these two memoranda signed by the Libyan government of al-Sarraj winner with Turkey are unacceptable to us, as we have reaffirmed during the European Council."

"It is absurd from an international point of view. An agreement like this has no tangible effect, but it reveals a totally wrong position."

The agreements signed by Turkey with al-Wefaq government headed by Fayez al-Sarraj provoked regional and international anger, as the Libyan parliament considered what al-Sarraj did as a great betrayal.




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