Issa does not rule out an Iranian-Turkish-Qatari agreement to disturb Middle East

-The politician researcher at the Cairo University, Dr.Nasser Mamoun Issi did not rule out the presence of Iranian-Turkish-Qatari agreement on the recent developments in the area of the Egypt demonstrations and the attacks on Aramco facilities near the UAE coasts asserting that the Egypt people do not want to repeat the 2011 events

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with political researcher at Cairo University, Dr. Nasser Mamoun Issa on the recent demonstrations that came out in Egypt and the relationship between Turkey and Qatar and coincided with the attack on Saudi oil facilities.

 The following is the text of the interview:

We are talking about the emergence of demonstrations in Egypt, what is the truth? Are they popular movements or are they driven from abroad and what are the signs?

What is happening now in Egypt of some limited demonstrations by some young people who are not affiliated with any political trend and who were affected by economic reform, which is trying to external media, the Turkish and Qatari media pricing to broadcast fabricated videos recognized by Al-Jazeera after that, but still there is a picture one of the popular objections is the poor population, which was directly affected by the repercussions of the economic reform. However, the people in general do not want to repeat the events of January 2011 and the country's disintegration of security and economic collapse as the country is still paying its bill to this day.

Why do Turkish and Qatari media focus on these demonstrations and do these two countries have a hand in this? What is the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in it?

The media hostile to the Egyptian regime (Turkish and Qatari) found its weakness in this so-called Muhammad Ali and what he broadcast (although some do not exonerate these two sides from showing it at all) in an attempt to distort the Egyptian regime and disturb the security situation in the country and provoke sedition among the masses of Egyptians to create a state of popular discontent However, some media activists and professionals have shown that the fabrication forced Al-Jazeera to apologize for broadcasting these videos and began to look for another alternative to continue its career in the country.

The Muslim Brotherhood, as usual, is trying to get people out, but also, as usual, it will not be at the forefront of the event. it knows very well that she no longer has massive crowds support it on the street, so It stands behind the scenes and is trying with Qatar and Turkey to get people out and I think that their appearance in the scene would prevent any public enthusiasm for the exit because the youth and parties I think they had experienced about what the group did in the events of January.

What will Erdogan gain from overthrowing Sisi and what is Erdogan's ambition in his hostility to Egypt and Saudi Arabia?

The diligence of the Turkish and Qatari media behind these calls to come up with their own goals. In the case of Qatar, it is a military chess stand in the pawn, which is requested by international bodies to support his authority in Qatar, such as the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey and some systems that seek to create chaos in the region, and it is goal to walk according of those sides is to weak his authority to be a servant for their purposes in the region and on the other hand an attempt to dismantle the Arab Alliance against him.

What is the relationship between the demonstrations in Egypt and the targeting of Saudi Aramco and before targeting oil tankers off the UAE coast? Is it an endeavor to break up the coalition of countries boycotting Qatar? And who is the beneficiary to dismantle of this alliance?

There may be a link between the targeting of oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, and finally Saudi Aramco and the daily threat of global oil consumption, and Egyptian demonstrations to threaten the security and economy in the Middle East, which would lead to the dismantling of the Arab alliance against Qatar and ease the US pressure on Iran by virtue of Western pressure on America as a result of high oil prices and I do not rule out that there is an Iranian-Turkish-Qatari agreement to create these events.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has always said he "will not forget what happened to Morsi." Why does Erdogan say that and what is his role in the Arab countries from Egypt to Syria and Libya?

The Turkish role in Syria is very clear in its objectives, it is worried from establishing of Kurdish State That, if any, will shake his throne as soon as it expands in northern Syria, southern Turkey, northern Iran and Iraq and it would be a vast country with riches that qualify it as a strong regional state that may be removed the Ottoman throne that Erdogan's dream.



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