Israeli official threatens to launch a fatal war in Syria; Haftar foils Astana scenario

​​​​​​​An Israeli official said: The circumstances after Soleimani's killing open up prospects for a fatal campaign against the Revolutionary Guards in Syria, while Khalifa Haftar frustrated the repetition of the Syrian Astana scenario.

On Wednesday morning, the Arab press touched upon the repercussion of Soleimani's killing, as well as to Turkish incursion in Libya.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: An Israeli official threatens a "fatal campaign against the Iranian Guard" in Syria

The Arab newspapers issued this morning dealt with several issues, on the Syrian issue, the most prominent of which was the Israeli-Iranian conflict. In this context, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper said: "A prominent Israeli security official announced that the conditions that arose after the assassination of the Commander of the" Quds Force "in the" Revolutionary Guard " The Iranian, Qassem Soleimani, opens up horizons that should be used to launch a "deadly offensive campaign against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Syria."

This official said in statements to Israeli military correspondents on Tuesday: "He now wants the complete elimination of the (Revolutionary Guards) and its elements in the Syrian territories, to weaken the entire Iranian campaign directed against the Israeli entity."

It was clear from the statements of this official that the Israeli security services estimate that the assassination of Soleimani "will lead to a change for the better, regarding Iran's ability to influence and demonstrate its strength in the Middle East, characterized by opening a window of opportunity for Israel."

 He said: «We can, and we must, take advantage of these opportunities to put an end to the Iranian effort, to establish and establish a front against Israel in Syria and Iraq, as well as to end the desire of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah to deal with us.

Ron Bin Yishai, the military analyst at the Yedioth Ahronoth website, pointed out that this theory is based on estimates in Israel that the Iranian regime is currently in a "historical trough", because American economic sanctions have carved out more than 9% of Iran's national product in the past year, the economic downturn continues.

Ben-Yishai added: The Iranian regime received "3 severe impressionistic, moral and functional strikes, which are the assassination of Soleimani, the accidental shooting of the Ukrainian passenger plane and the false attempt to conceal this failure."

Al-Bayan: Haftar foils the Syrian "Astana" scenario in Libya

On the Libyan issue, Al-Bayan newspaper said: " Marshal Khalifa Haftar, Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Armed Forces, returned to Benghazi after he refused to sign the draft agreement prepared by the Russian and Turkish sides, leaving behind disappointment that chased everyone who bet on ending the liberation project.

Added: "The draft agreement came and its first declared goals were to legitimize Turkey's intervention in Libya, as it is the guarantor side of the power of the Accord Government in Tripoli.

Consequently, the legitimization of all the previously disputed memoranda of understanding signed between Erdogan and al-Sarraj last November regarding the exclusive marine economic interest area and security and military cooperation.

Then what followed on the ground, such as sending military experts, mercenaries and arms shipments to the militias in the west of the country, and signing economic agreements that emanate from the mentality of blackmailing the Tripoli authorities located between a hammer that advances the army and the anvil of the Brotherhood, warlords and thirsty for wealth, power and blood.

The first goal of the agreement was to move the militias from defeat to victory, by calling the national army to retreat from liberated sites, enabling terrorists and mercenaries from security boxes under their control in the capital, and the rest of the coastal strip regions of the west of the country, and turning them into an effective force in their centers of influence, Especially since those centers are the most important sovereign centers of the state, including the central bank and the National Oil Corporation, with the Accord Government installed as the owner of legitimacy, which gives it the opportunity to further activate the Turkish intervention by bringing more weapons and mercenaries under the cover of the armistice.

The cease-fire, according to the agreement, will result in the formation of working groups tasked with formulating details, by conducting negotiations and setting models, to achieve internal Libyan political stability, to find solutions to humanitarian issues, and to secure an economic recovery, provided that its first meetings are held in Moscow, in return for a scenario "Astana" on the Syrian file, which means giving the Turks room to expand in the Libyan crisis through the logic of bargaining.

Turkey has become a declared guardianship of Accord Government and its militias, and its goal is to extend that guardianship to the entire country under the slogan of the "Moscow Agreement", which was suddenly transformed from a technical agreement on a ceasefire, to a political agreement full of carefully installed traps.

Al-Arab: The Labor Union rises against Erdogan and his arms in Tunisia

Tunisian newspaper, Al Arab said, "In the speech of 9th anniversary of the revolution, Tuesday, the Secretary-General of the Tunisian Labor Union warned against penetrating the country's sovereignty, in response to the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan weeks ago to Tunisia.

Nourdine Taboubi, Secretary-General of the powerful trade union organization in Tunisia, told a crowd of workers in a speech from the balcony of the union’s central headquarters: “Erdogan or others, sovereignty is a red line, and there is no loyalty to only Tunisia, Tunisia is greater than Erdogan, and from any axes” .

Al-Taboubi added, "We condemn foreign interference in the Libyan issue and calls for war that have become beating some countries from abroad, to serve their interests at the expense of the Libyan people, in a blatant challenge to international norms and laws."

The Public Prosecution announced that the former director of the Security and Intelligence Service, Salah Gosh, was accused of a fugitive, and asked him to surrender, as he faces 4 criminal cases.



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