Israeli fighters target military sites of Damascus government

This morning, Israeli fighters targeted military sites of the Damascus government in several military sites in Hama, Damascus and Tartous countryside.

Al-Arabiya reported that the air defenses of the Damascus government responded to Israeli raids this morning in the central Hama governorate, and sites in the countryside of Damascus and Tartus on the Syrian coast, after it reported that explosions were heard there.

Other media outlets said that the air defenses confronted missiles that attempted to target military sites in the eastern Qalamoun region in the northeastern countryside of Damascus.

It is noteworthy that the past weeks witnessed an intensification of Israeli raids against sites where pro-Iranian groups are stationed in several areas of Syria, especially in the east.

Last week, Israel carried out the heaviest strikes in two years against the groups' sites in Deir Ezzor, killing 40 people, according to what the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported at the time.

An Israeli military source warned, last week, of repeating those violent raids, stressing that his country has intensified and will continue to intensify raids on Syria, pointing out "the rate of raids is now 3 within 10 days, but previously it was one strike every 3 weeks."

The source also stressed that the strikes are focused on Iranian and Syrian conventional (inaccurate) missiles and radars, with the aim of preventing a first strike in a future confrontation with random statistical missiles that operate the defense systems, "adding," Israel wants the missiles to remain, so that they can later be shot down. "


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