Israel supports Greece in the sea confrontation with Turkey

On Wednesday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry expressed its full support for Greece, in confronting Turkey's activities in the Mediterranean.

In a statement, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said, "It is closely monitoring the current tensions, stressing that it shows solidarity and supports Greece in preserving its interests in the eastern Mediterranean."

The ministry stated, "Israel expresses its full support and solidarity with Greece in its maritime areas and its right to define its exclusive economic zone."

The Mediterranean is witnessing Turkish moves to search for energy sources and natural resources, while Greece considered what is going on undermining its sovereignty.

Turkey announced its control over the region under the terms of an agreement it signed with the Sarraj government in November 2019, and it divided vast areas of the eastern Mediterranean between them, which created friction between Ankara and Athens.

Last week, Greece and Egypt signed their own accord, which defines their exclusive economic zones in the eastern Mediterranean, causing Turkey to panic.

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