Israel shelling southern Lebanon

The Israeli army announced on Sunday "that an anti-tank projectile had been launched from Lebanon into Israel in the Avimim area of the eastern sector, the Israeli army responded by bombing southern Lebanon.

In a statement, the Israeli army said a number of anti-tank shells were fired at a military base and military vehicles in the Avimim area.

 It said that the Israeli army responded to some sources of fire and towards targets in southern Lebanon. Israeli shelling focused on the villages of Maroun al-Ras and Bint Jbeil, which are adjacent to the border.

Israeli military spokesman Avichai Adrai announced the cancellation of all activities in the border fence with Lebanon, including agricultural work.

Adrai, in a tweet on the site "Twitter", that there are no instructions to open shelters in towns away from the border more than four kilometers.

On the other hand, Hezbollah announced in Lebanon, killing and wounding Israeli soldiers after targeting their vehicle.

"Lebanon will pay the price," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said ahead of a defense ministry meeting.

On Sunday, the Lebanese army said an Israeli drone violated the country's airspace and shot down incendiary materials that set fire to a forested area on the border.

"An Israeli enemy drone, at 11:15, violated Lebanese airspace from the Bastara farm and threw incendiary materials at the oak forests in the area, causing a fire," the army said in a statement.

The Lebanese army statement said it was following the developments of the breach with UN peacekeepers, without giving further details.

The source: Sky News


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