Israel deploys 2 infantry battalions, calls for reserve

The Israeli army deployed two infantry battalions on Gaza border and summoned reserve forces as part of the escalation following the fall of a rocket on Tel Aviv that accused Hamas of firing it.

Israel put its forces in readiness, following a rocket attack on Tel Aviv, where two infantry battalions were deployed on the Gaza border, and it called up reserve forces.

The Israeli army accused Hamas Movement of carrying out the rocket attack on central Israel.

Israel also announced the closure of two crossings with Gaza Strip and the reduction of fishing area for Palestinian fishermen in response to the launching of a rocket from Gaza Strip in an area northeast of Tel Aviv.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he would shorten his visit to the United States to return to Israel to follow up the incident of rocket launch from Gaza Strip on an area north-east of Tel Aviv.

"In the light of security events, I decided to shorten my visit to the US. I will meet with the US President Donald Trump a few hours later and then I will be back in the country to conduct our operations closely," Netanyahu said on his Twitter account.

One rocket hit a house in the Mishmurit agricultural complex north of Tel Aviv, and that resulted in injuring seven people slightly and moderately.

Mishmurit is located more than 80 kilometers away from Gaza Strip, a distance rarely reached by rockets fired by Palestinian factions from the Gaza Strip.



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