Israel began implementing understandings of truce with Gaza, arrested 22 Palestinians

Hamas announced on Monday that Israel has begun implementing a package of understandings with the Gaza Strip. Moreover, the Israeli army has arrested 22 Palestinians during a campaign of arrests in various parts of the West Bank.

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said that the mediators in the calm list Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations "informed us" that Israel began to implement a broad stage of understandings of calm.

Qassem said in a press statement that this phase included files to support poor families by allowing the entry of the Qatari grant, improvement of electricity and water, temporary programs for the unemployed and graduates, in addition to improving the movement of the crossings.

"Reducing the suffering of the people of Gaza is a strategic goal for Hamas and the Palestinian factions," he said.

Our correspondent (ANHA) pointed out that the Qatari ambassador Mohammed al-Emadi, arrived late in the evening of Sunday to the Gaza Strip, after a delay of more than 15 days from the date of his visit, which was scheduled earlier this month.

The correspondent pointed out that al-Emadi brought with him to Gaza the Qatari grant that would be distributed to poor families.

The visit came days after the visit of the UN envoy for peace in the Middle East, Nikolai Mladenov, to Gaza, and his meeting with Hamas against the background of the tense situation on the ground during the past days.

According to information received by our correspondent, it is also scheduled to visit an Egyptian delegation in the coming days to discuss the establishment of the understandings of the truce between Gaza and Israel

In a separate context, our correspondent quoted Palestinian sources as saying that the Israeli army arrested 22 Palestinians from the West Bank after breaking into their homes and damaging their personal belongings.

While the Israeli media said that the army arrested those who described them as wanted, claiming that they carried out activities against the army.




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