Isolation on Ocalan means continuation murder, violence in Middle East 

The number of Girkê Legê district's people said that the continuation of arresting of Abullah Ocalan 's leader that means more of the violence and kill in Syria and the Middle East, and Ocalan ideology reinforced peoples' fraternity and co-existence in north and east of Syria.

 In this regard, a number of the people of Girkê Legê spoke to Hawar news agency (ANHA).

Citizen Saleh al-Ahmad from the Arab component first pointed to the main objective of the conspiracy that targeted the leader Ocalan and imprisoned and tightened isolation is "to limit the spread of his ideas and theses that demand freedom for all peoples and components."

He added, "The ideas and philosophy of the leader do not concern only one people or component, Kurdish, Arab or Syriac.It belongs to and concerns all the peoples of the world, colonized and oppressed by the dark forces that seek to control the peoples of the world. "

Continuation imprisonment of Ocalan means increased violence and murder

Al-Ahmad referred to Ocalan's theses on solving the crises of peoples in the world and in the Middle East in particular. "The continued imprisonment of Ocalan means increasing levels of violence in all crisis-affected areas in the Middle East, especially in Turkey," he said. It also means an increase in murder and crime by obscurantist forces seeking to control the peoples of the world."

Saleh also added, "The leader calls for peaceful solutions, not wars and fighting, and calls for peaceful human and political movement to get the East out of this crisis." But the dark tyrants reject these humanitarian ideas and insist on killing and using weapons. "Weapons do not solve the problem, only the exit of the leader from his prison solves all the outstanding problems in the Middle East," he said.

Thanks to the ideas of Ocalan, the peoples of the region have confronted the policies of discrimination

For his part, Muhammad Jamil believed that Ocalan's ideas posed a threat to the interests and powers of the authoritarian regimes. So many countries participated in the conspiracy that led to the imprisonment of Ocalan.

Jamil also touched on the orientations of Ocalan and the theses concerning the Syrian crisis, where he called the peoples of northern and eastern Syria to adopt a third-line policy within the revolution and the consolidation of the principles of democracy and brotherhood of peoples and co-existence. It was these directives that prompted the Turkish authorities to tighten isolation on the leader Ocalan.

Jamil also stressed that the people of the region have been able, thanks to the ideas of Ocalan, to face all policies of division and sedition, and strengthened the fraternity of peoples and co-existence "and the establishment of an administration and a system that guarantees the protection of peoples."




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