"Isolation continues, so is hunger strike"

The people of Tirbe Spiyê district stressed that the severe isolation of leader Ocalan is still ongoing and so is the resistance of the hunger strikers. They pointed out that the Kurdish people and all the freedom-loving peoples will struggle and fight until the leader Ocalan is released from the prisons of the Turkish authorities.

The parliamentarian of the Democratic Peoples' Party and the co-chair of the Democratic Community Conference, Laila Guven, continues her 181-day hunger strike, in addition to hundreds of detainees in Turkish jails demanding the lifting of the harsh isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The residents of Tirbe Spiyê district in al-Jazeera region noted that the resistance shown by struggler Leila Guven is the resistance of free women who reject injustice and tyranny.

Citizen Muntaha Khalil explained that the struggler Laila Guven, who has been going on a hunger strike on October 8, 2018, continues to resist and insist on her demand to lift the isolation of leader Ocalan. "Laila's resistance is the resistance of a free woman who rejects all kinds of injustice," she said.

Muntaha Khalil pointed out that despite all the anti-isolation campaigns, the Turkish authorities continue their practices which are contrary to the rights of detainees and politicians.

Faraja al-Hammadi, an Arab woman from the point of view of her grandfather, pointed out that Arab women owe the leader Abdullah Ocalan a lot. She said: "leader Ocalan advocated women's rights and struggles for the liberation of women." She explained that Arab women in the region have followed the ideas of Ocalan and have worked in all areas of life in northern and eastern Syria.

Where are the European countries and the human rights organization?

"Where are the European countries and where is the human rights organization to witness practices of the Turkish authorities against leader Ocalan and all the hunger strikers?" She said, pointing out that these practices are contrary to international conventions and concerned organizations remain silent towards the Kurdish people and leader Ocalan.

Barzan Silo, another resident of Tirbe Spiyê said that the resistance of the prisons and the strike campaign initiated by Laila Guven, Nasser Yagiz and all the hunger strikers are still on hunger strike, because the isolation is still ongoing. He pointed out that the Kurdish people and all peoples eager for freedom struggle and fight until the liberation of the leader Ocalan from the prisons of the Turkish authorities.


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