Ismat Sheikh Hassan: IS threatened the world with Turkish support

The co-chair of the Defense and Self-Protection Body in the Euphrates region Ismat Sheikh Hassan said that IS was a great threat to the world, saying that it received support from Turkey, but the peoples of the north of Syria, led by the Kurds courageously faced it and were able to defeat him.


The Syrian Democratic Forces are approaching the moment of announcing a military defeat in the last Syrian-controlled enclave, where the victory in the besieged town of al-Bagouz is seen as the last geographical spot under its control, which is the end of the military presence of mercenary groups.

During IS' control of the region, it committed atrocities against the peoples of the region and the areas occupied turning their lives into hell.

In an interview with the Hawar News Agency, the co-chair of the Defense and Self-Protection Body in the Euphrates Region Ismat Sheikh Hassan said that Daesh was a great threat to the world and the region that committed genocide, displacement, destruction, rape and all forms of violence against their people.

Ismat Sheikh Hassan pointed out that Daesh wanted with the support of the enemies of the Kurdish people, to hit the revolution of Rojava and obliterate the Kurdish presence through the attack on Kobani.

Sheikh Hassan stressed that Turkey was pioneer to provide financial and moral support for IS mercenaries and their war against the Kurds in the city of Kobani and all the areas controlled by IS in Syria.

He pointed out that the resistance of Kobani proved to the whole world that the Kurdish people are able to confront IS despite their poor potential but are with strong will.

He praised the heroic resistance the People's Protection Units and Women's Protection Units demonstrated in all areas of northern and eastern Syria in the face of IS mercenaries, and noted that those who fought the strongest terrorist force that was threatening the world are the women of the Middle East who joined the Women's Protection Units who became an example in the world.

Sheikh Hassan said that the first defeat of Daesh was in Kobani thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs who many of them carried out commando operations with their weak potential and strong will.

He stressed that the victory achieved by the Kurds forced the world to circumvent the Kurds and then formed the Syrian Democratic Forces, which included people of all components of the region and allied with the International Coalition to fight the reactionary and authoritarian mentality and liberate the region from unjust oppression and their supporters, and succeeded in achieving victory.

Sheikh Hassan congratulated the peoples of the Middle East and the world on achieving victory over Daesh. He explained that they on behalf of the People's Protection Units, Women's Protection Units and Syrian Democratic Forces bear the responsibility of protecting all peoples living in northern and eastern Syria without discrimination till building a free and democratic Syria and consolidating peoples' brotherhood and coexistence.


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