ISIS women suspected of setting fire in tents

Two tents for the families of Syrian ISIS mercenaries were burned at  al-Hol camp this evening. The damage was limited to material without humanity.

On Sunday evening, a fire broke out in two tents for ISIS families in the 5th sector at Al-Hol camp, which includes the Syrian families of ISIS who left Al-Baguz after the defeat of ISIS.

According to one of the camp's administrators, the residents of the two tents managed to escape from the tents when the fire broke out and the damage was limited to the material. He indicated that they opened an investigation into the matter. ISIS women who call themselves "  al Hesba Brigades"  are the suspected. They are behind all the violations and crimes that are taking place at the camp because they are targeting anyone who tries to stay away from ISIS ideology.

Al-Hol camp is known to span on 8 sectors, including displaced persons, refugees and ISIS families from Syria and Iraq, and foreigners from various countries. It is located 45 km east of the Syrian city of Hasaka.




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