ISIS Women attempt to slaughter burying worker in al-Hol Camp

ISIS mercenaries in al-Hol camp attempted to slaughter a burial worker in al-Hol camp.

In the third decade of his life, Abdul-Rahman Aziz, works in burying in al-Hol refugee camp, was subjected to an attempted assassination by ISIS mercenaries’s women at dawon on Sunday. He was severely wounded in the neck and taken to the medical point for treatment. His situation is critical.

As for the details of the assassination attempt on the displaced Abdul Rahman in the camp, the security forces in the camp pointed out that some of the women of ISIS mercenaries tried to slaughter the funeral worker in the Iraqi Council Abdul Rahman Aziz in his tent, and pointed out that the search and investigation on the circumstances and causes of this incident continues.

As for the case of Abdel-Aziz Aziz, doctors at the medical point in al-Hol camp described his condition as critical, as a result of being slaughtered in the neck, the interruption of some vocal cords, veins and arteries, and noted that he has entered in a coma.

Al-Hol is one of the largest camps in the Autonomous Administration’s areas of northern and eastern Syria, and home to 71,000 people, including displaced Syrians and Iraqi refugees, as well as women and children of ISIS mercenaries.

Similar incidents occur on a daily basis in which the women of ISIS mercenaries, especially migrants, attempt to kill anyone who violates the extremist ideology of ISIS.

On Saturday, 5 October, the ISF found the body of an ISIS woman in Sector 8, which includes Syrian women and children, in al-Hol camp. According to investigations, she was killed by ISIS women who hold anyone who violates the extremist ideology of ISIS secretly.


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