ISIS woman's corpse found in al-Hol

Internal Security Forces –  branch of Women has found ISIS woman 's corpse in 8th sector, including women and children of ISIS Syrians in al-Hol camp.

Al-Hol, the largest camp in the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern of Syria, is home to 71,000 people, including displaced Syrians and Iraqi refugees, as well as women and children of ISIS mercenaries.

The camp is one of the most dangerous in the world and witnesses many cases of killing, beating or stabbing. Officials in northern and eastern Syria have warned several times of its risk as a time bomb.

The Internal Security Forces - Women, and the information revealed that there is a body in the eighth sector, immediately, ISF went to the scene and took the body to the medical point for examination.

Initial investigations indicated that the woman was killed by ISIS women, where ISIS women undertake duty to punish who secretly oppose the extremist ideology of ISIS, stated that the murdered women had been attending awareness-raising sessions organized by the camp administration.

According to forensic specialists at al-Hol camp, the incident occurred at night, the cause of death was a severe beating of the chest and head, and then has been strangled.



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