ISIS still represented by Turkey and Pro mercenaries

People in the district of Tal Brak said that the October 9th, 2020, agreement concluded by the Federal Government of Iraq and Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, sponsored by Turkey, is just a mean to accomplish the ISIS plot against Yazidis, and that ISIS has never exterminated, rather it is represented by Turkey and the affiliated mercenaries. 

Hundreds of people in the Tal Brak district, in north eastern al-Hasaka, have took to the streets to condemn the October 9th, 2020, agreement regarding Shengal. 

Demonstrators marched in the main street in the town, and stopped at Martyrs' Square, where member of the Tal Brak Council, Abdul Salam al-Hasani delivered a speech saying the fascist Turkey proceeds to bombard civilian areas, and displacing them, in a bid to sow sedition and unrest in the area.

At the end, al-Hasani called on the international community to take responsibility and stand up to flagrant breaches against human rights and the international norms.



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