ISIS mercenary killed trying to launch attack in Manbij

Manbij Military Council announced the killing of an ISIS mercenary, who had entered northern and eastern Syria from the territories occupied by the Turkish state in order to carry out a terrorist operation.

The Manbij Military Council said in a statement: "The Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Manbij Military Council carried out a qualitative operation in Manbij city after strenuous efforts to monitor and follow up one of the ISIS mercenaries who came from the areas controlled by the Turkish occupation to carry out a terrorist operation with an explosive belt inside Manbij city, during the raid on the house, the terrorist tried to escape, and the raid and pursuit operation resulted in killing the terrorist on the spot.

The Manbij Military Council stated that the terrorist came from the areas of influence of the Turkish occupation, where the leader of the terrorist organization "ISIS" Abo Bakr al-Baghdadi used to hide with his assistant Abo Hassen al-Muhajir who were killed in an attack by the international coalition. The terrorist had a pistol and an explosive belt in his pocket to carry out a vicious plan inside the city, as it has been confirmed that he is of a non-Syrian nationality.

Accordingly, the Anti-Terrorist Units monitor anyone who seeks to infiltrate into the safe areas in northern and eastern Syria, try to undermine the security and stability there and carry out terrorist operations.

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