ISIS mercenaries are active in regime areas, about eight of the latter's elements killed

The regime forces' areas in the Syrian desert have witnessed a return to the activity of ISIS mercenaries, where at least eight elements of the regime have been killed during the past 48 hours through sporadic attacks and detonation of IEDs and mines.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, ISIS mercenaries have returned to resume their escalating attacks against regime forces in the Syrian desert, after the stagnation of their operations and activity in the region since the beginning of this month.

The observatory monitored sporadic attacks and detonating IEDs and mines near Sokhna, Palmyra Badia and Deir Ezzor in the past 48 hours, causing casualties, killing at least eight regime forces.

From March 24 this year, the observatory documented the deaths of at least 251 regime forces and their affiliated groups, including at least two Russians.

The Syrian Democratic Forces liberated northern and eastern Syria from ISIS mercenaries in March 23, while mercenaries are still present in the Syrian desert areas where regime forces are deployed.

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