ISIS claims responsibility of an attack against Libyan army

ISIS mercenaries claimed responsibility for an attack against the Libyan army in Trajan, southern Libya.

ISIS's "A'amaq" Agency published a declaration about its identification of the bombing that targeted the Libyan army and resulted in the destruction of a military vehicle at the entrance of Tragan two days ago.

In the meantime, Reuters quoted the local military commander Abdul Salam Shingle as saying that the explosives were hidden in a vehicle of the Libyan National Army forces, stressing that the explosion did not result in casualties.

This attack is the second one adopted by "ISIS" and targets the "Libyan National Army", as it was announced on May 21, bombing  3 sites of Haftar forces in the south of the country.

The new attack also comes hours after the "Libyan National Army" announced Sunday evening the arrest of the ISIS's leader , Muhammad al-Ruwaidani, known as Abu Bakr al-Ruwaidani, who was said to have moved from Syria and fought in the ranks of the Accord Government forces backed by Turkey.

It is noteworthy that the Libyan army has long accused Turkey of transferring elements of the  former" Jabhat Al-Nusrah " and ISIS to Libya to fight within the ranks of the militia of the  Accord Government.

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