ISIS attack foiled in Serêkaniyê, cell 's elements arrested

The Society Protection Forces in Serêkaniyê city foiled ISIS mercenaries' attacks against civilians and arrested the cell of five mercenaries.

At the same time as Turkish warplanes and artillery bombarded the city of Serêkaniyê, ISIS mercenaries began to move inside the city to destabilize the security inside the city and facilitate the road for the occupation army by ground incursion in the area. In this context, ANHA correspondents from the city of Serêkaniyê said that an ISIS mercenary cell tried to attack civilians inside the city and create chaos.

But the Society Protection Forces of the city residents quickly surrounded the sleeper cell of ISIS mercenaries in al-Shohada Roundabout arrested them directly.

This morning, ISIS mercenaries attempted to attack civilians in the village of Twaimiya, south of Serêkaniyê, while Asayish forces confronted them, which resulted in killing four mercenaries.



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