ISF in Raqqa foil a deadly attack by ISIS mercenaries

The ISF in Raqqa city foiled an ISIS attack, killed three mercenaries, and protected civilians from new massacres.

A source in the Internal Security Forces in Raqqa told Hawar news agency correspondent in Raqqa that as they were investigating some people in the town of Mansoura in Raqqa city that they foiled a bloody attack that was planned by that cell of ISIS mercenaries in all cities of Raqqa and Tabqa.

The source noted that during the raid on the den of these persons belonging to ISIS mercenaries in the town of Mansoura on the 9th of this month, there were clashes and the killing of all three members of the cell mercenaries.

The source pointed out that they seized the individual weapons of mercenaries, in addition to four concourse missiles.


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