ISF dismantles cell belong to MIT in NE, Syria

Internal Security Forces ISF in north and east of Syria have managed to dismantle intelligence cell, consisting of 6 elements belong to Turkish occupation MIT.

After careful and continuous follow-up, the Internal Security Forces in northeastern Syria were able to, and based on intelligence information, the Internal Security Forces in north and east Syria were able to dismantle and arrest elements of a Turkish intelligence network, which includes 6 people.

According to the information, the members of the intelligence network who were arrested in various cities in northern and eastern Syria were charged with knowing the whereabouts of the Syrian Democratic Forces' leaders, knowing the coordinators of the Internal Security Forces, carrying out special intelligence activities among young people and promoting drugs and prostitution.

According to the information, investigations are continuing with the members of the intelligence network, whose names are (Jani, Shaylan Ali Ahmed, Ayman Badr al-Din Ahmed, Ali Najib Omar, Hassan Abdel Hamid Murad and Mahd Hadi Hasso).

The goal is to recruit agents and carry out assassinations and bombings

And ISF in earlier periods many of the elements and agents of the Turkish intelligence during various operations in many cities in northern and eastern Syria had been captured. The Turkish state, which occupies the region and commits various forms of genocide and demographic change, recently began to escalate intelligence activities.

It is believed that the massacre committed by the Turkish occupation army on June 23 this year against civilians in the village of Halanj of Kobani, was the result of an intelligence operation by Turkish intelligence agents in the region. It also appeared that Turkish intelligence had a hand in the bombing that targeted Manbij on June 24.

Investigations revealed that the intelligence network, which includes 7 people and whose members were arrested by the Manbij Military Council on January 17, 2020, was charged with carrying out assassinations and espionage operations, in addition to carrying out explosions in cities.



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