IS Woman: IS mercenaries use elements as human shields

A woman belonging to IS confirmed that IS mercenaries were using their elements as human shields to avoid SDF strikes, and said, "We have suffered a lot after we joined IS."


The Syrian Democratic Forces SDF continue to evacuate the families of mercenaries in its last area in al-Bagouz, where hundreds of mercenaries' families, including foreigners, arrive daily at the camp.

Kurdiya al-Atiya family was among these families, the family of Kurdiya al-Atiya is from Manbij, who joined IS with her husband, and came to al-Hol camp after SDF opened safe corridors for them.

Kurdiya said, "When IS attacked the area, my husband was a sheep merchant, he joined it and went with it to Deir ez-Zor."

She pointed out that the mercenaries were preventing them from leaving al-Bagouz under the pretext of the presence of mines on the road and threatened them "the infidels will punish them" according to their description.

She said that her husband was injured because he was used as a human shield by the mercenaries in al-Bagouz, she said that IS, after being besieged in a small area, used its elements as human shields and that way my husband was injured."

Kurdiya confirmed that her husband was transferred to the hospital after arriving at al-Hol camp and added, "We have suffered a lot after we joined IS."

Al-Hol camp was opened by the Autonomous Administration in 2016 to contain Iraqi refugees, with 48,000 displaced people, refugees and IS mercenaries' families.



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