IS' fall, SDF declaring victory in al-Baguoz, and Sudanese protests enter 4th month

The Syrian Democratic Forces announced their victory over IS in its last stronghold in northeastern Syria. A tripartite meeting was held between the Syrian regime, Iraq and Iran to discuss the US escalation against Iran's allies in the region. Moreover, Sudan's protests continue for 4th month.


Arab newspapers this week referred to the declaration of the Syrian Democratic Forces' victory over IS mercenaries, and US President Donald Trump's declaration to recognize the Syrian Golan, Israeli territory, along with the Sudanese protests.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: Washington: «Daesh» ended in Syria

This week, the Arab press discussed several issues in Syrian affairs, including the fall of Daesh and the Syrian Democratic Forces' victory in the north and east of Syria. In this context, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper wrote, "Spokeswoman of the White House reported from the Pentagon 'Daesh is no longer in control of land in Syria, in reference to the end of the battle led by the «Syrian Democratic Forces», Arab - Kurdish, against the last pocket of the extremist organization in al-Bagouz in rural Deir Ez-Zor east of Syria.

Al-Arab: Tripartite meeting of the chiefs of staff of the Tehran-Mediterranean Road

"The meeting of the chiefs of staff of the army in Syria, Iran and Iraq, which was held on Monday in the Syrian capital Damascus, sends a series of messages and references to the parties involved in the Syrian file, especially Russia and the United States. The most prominent of these messages is that Iran controls the decision Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and that its project to build a road from Tehran to Beirut through Baghdad and Damascus rose to an open military alliance. "

However, experts in the Middle East report that the tripartite military action is intended to examine the reactions of countries involved in the affairs of the region, particularly the United States, Russia, Israel and Turkey, and that this coordination meeting can only be understood as the first pillar of an independent and hostile axis for the rest of the regional and international circles."

Al-Arab: Trump manipulates rights on grounds of limitation: Israeli Golan

In another context, Al-Arab newspaper reported that "the US President Donald Trump has used the presence of Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo in Israel to announce his decision to recognize the occupied Syrian Golan as Israeli territory." The time has come for the United States to "recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights," Trump said.

"Many consider the president's step to be expected, especially after the word" occupied "has been deleted from a recent State Department report on the Golan Heights. Trump's decision is a precious gift for the Israeli prime minister and Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who faces fierce competition from the former general Benny Gantz in the general elections scheduled for April 9.

Al-Hayat: Demonstrations in Sudan with protests entering its fourth month

"Scores of Sudanese demonstrators took to the streets of the capital chanting" freedom, peace and justice, "according to eyewitnesses, as protests against the rule of President Omar al-Bashir which entered its fourth month. Three months ago, on December 19, "The protests in Sudan have erupted because of the high rate of inflation, and since then has turned into demonstrations against the rule of Bashir, which has been going on for 30 years, the participants demanded him to step down. The Sudanese have been suffering for years because of the financial problems experienced by the country.


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