IS, armed opposition, Turkey, fall of Mosul ... Shocking facts revealed by IS mercenaries

ANHA agency will publish tomorrow 4 interviews with mercenaries from Turkey, Uzbekistan and Sweden who have surrendered to SDF during al-Jazeera Tempest campaign. During the interview, the mercenaries reveal how the Turkish state supports mercenaries and facilitates the entry of foreign mercenaries into the Syrian territory and the details of the handover of the Turkish MIT to a number of foreign mercenaries for the release of Turks.


Several media outlets, including ANHA agency, have discussed how the Turkish state supports mercenaries, and provides them with access to Syrian territory, in addition to deals concluded between mercenaries and the Turkish state, in this four-part dossier, which will be published under the title " IS, armed opposition , Turkey , fall of Mosul ... Shocking facts revealed by IS mercenaries", in the interviews the mercenaries confirm the support of the Turkish state for the IS mercenaries.

In the interviews, the Turkish mercenary Amra Ozhan will confirm the existence of special groups of mercenaries in the Turkish cities, they promote the terrorist organization, facilitate the entry of foreign mercenaries into Syrian territory and the presence of special Turkish battalions inside the terrorist organization.

As for the mercenary Ozhan, in turn, he reveals the Turkish state provides great medical support for mercenaries during his work in a hospital in the city of al-Bab. He also mentioned the Turkish media campaign, the mercenary agreement with the Turkish state to hand over the areas of al-Bab and Jrablos to the Turkish state.

The Swedish mercenary Abrar Mohammed reveals the details of the ease of entry of foreigners to Syrian territory from Turkey and the Free Army alliance with IS mercenaries in Idlib to share the Syrian areas as well as the support provided by the Turkish state to the terrorist organization and the commanders of IS receive treatment in private Turkish hospitals.

As for the mercenary Adel, who was handed over to Turkish mercenaries by the Turkish MIT, said during a report on the operation carried out by the Turkish intelligence service MIT to hand over 200 foreign mercenaries to IS for the release of 49 Turkish persons who had been arrested in Mosul consulate.



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