IS appears in new face in occupied Afrin

Daesh mercenaries are still continuing their presence in the occupied Afrin, after joining Daseh mercenaries to other mercenaries' gangs which occupies Afrin under the banner of the Turkish occupation army.

A special source from the center of the occupied city of Afrin confirmed to our agency (ANHA), that a number of ISIS mercenaries who joined the mercenaries of Shohada Bader faction are existed in the occupied Afrin.

The mercenaries of the Shohada Bader faction were part of the Free Eastern mercenaries in Afrin and defected. Most of them from Deir-ze-Zor city and IS mercenaries' elements.

A month ago, a group of about 30 ISIS mercenaries entered Afrin, showing videos and photos inside Afrin touring cars with their black flags.



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